Teacher Formation

"An accompanier and educator of those who are entrusted to him by the Church; the catechist is an expert in the art of accompaniment, has educational expertise, is able to listen and enter into the dynamics of human growth, becomes a traveling companion with patience and a sense of gradualness, in docility to the action of the Holy Spirit and through a process of formation helps his brothers to mature in the Christian life and journey toward God." (Directory for Catechesis, 74)

Catholic School Teacher Formation

Please click "Training Videos" to access Catholic School Teacher formation presented by Dr. Timothy Uhl and Kari Buchinger.

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Supplemental Teacher Formation

New! The Diocese has partnered with the Catechetical Institute (CI) at Franciscan University to bring you a series of free courses designed specifically for catechists, youth ministers, parish catechetical leaders, and young adult ministry. These methodical tracks will assist lay ecclesial to attain various levels of training and certifications. 

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